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Serial entrepreneur Rashaun Page has dominated the life insurance industry since 1999. His client list includes sports teams, music moguls, actors, fortune 500 CEO's just to name a few. He is a best selling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist amongst other things. His book The Monster - How to Make 7 Figures Selling Life Insurance has become the training bible for insurance companies selling over 500,000 copies to date.

 Mr. Page founded THE INSURANCE AGENTS UNION (TIAU) to give a voice to the over 1.7 million licensed insurance professionals across the United States. Our mission is to ensure insurance professionals that they are never alone in this business. We are by your side fighting for fair commission practices, gender equality, labor laws, insurance department hearings, errors and omission claims and so much more. Our only job is to protect the insurance professionals that are essentially the life line of the insurance industry. JOIN YOUR UNION TODAY. Email Tasha for a new member application. [email protected] 

The Rashaun Page Agency was started in 1999. We offer Retirement Planning, Estate Planning on an hourly rate scale. Our supplemental benefits are offered through a network of providers through First Advance Benefits of America. This allows us to offer our clients the best available options, while being transparent. Rashaun Page founded First Advance Benefits of America  to bridge the gap between the insurance industry and clients being exposed to unnecessary exclusions leaving them vulnerable. Visit us on the web:


Rashaun Page is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Triumph cemetery network. We own 5 cemeteries and over 18,000 cemetery plots at other cemeteries across the Country. We have locations in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, south Carolina and Georgia. Our main objective is to offer plush, well kept and affordable resting places for our clients.


CASKETS 999 was founded by Rashaun Page. My idea for the Company was to offer the best quality caskets to our customers at the most affordable prices. Caskets that retail for $5,000 through other distributors, only cost $999.00 through us. We deliver anywhere around the country within 24-48 hours. 


 Page Truck Rentals LLC was founded by Rashaun Page to simplify the truck rental process. We were paying other rental companies to rent their trucks to deliver our caskets. Our team decided to purchase a truck to deliver them ourselves, which in return increased our profits. Other casket distributors began calling us to deliver their caskets, flowers etc. It proved to be more convenient for them to not have to go out and rent a truck, and much cheaper than buying a truck, by calling us. We added pickup trucks, cargo vans and cargo trailers to our fleet and opened our services up to everyone.


POUNCE property restoration is the #1 privately owned fire & flood restoration company in New Jersey and New York. Rashaun Page founded the Company as a solution to our clients claims process. We will go in and restore our clients properties and then handle the claims process with the insurance carrier at a later time. We don't want our clients to wait on the drawn out claims process that insurance carriers use. That quickly turned into POUNCE becoming the go to company for most insurance carriers.



Spank your credit is my financial literacy not for profit agency. Our goal is to help one million people repair, establish or re-establish their credit. I have a saying that "CREDIT IS WORTH MORE THAN CASH" and I believe that wholeheartedly. Our credit repair kit will get you on the road to excellent credit. 


The Rashaun Page Foundation against domestic violence started in 2003 is responsible for sending over 5,000 women who have been the victim of domestic violence for a day of pampering. We also choose one woman on a quarterly basis that is coming out of a domestic violence shelter and furnish their new home/apartments from top to bottom.

Rashaun Page also Founded Brothers 4 Brothers in college. This initiative choose young men that are in college and fund there miscellaneous expenses. They receive a quarterly stipend that can range between $125-$250. We have over 200 male students from colleges all over the U.S. in our network. We would like to raise that number to 10,000 by the end of 2022.

Why us?

I have dedicated my career to learning and teaching financial literacy. My library includes over 1500 paper back and audio books that i have studied. My financial designations includes, LUTCF and CLU.  I teach financial professionals how to become wealthy by showing their clients a path to generational wealth. I also teach my clients the purpose of Estate planning and Succession planning. This allows them to transfer their wealth to their heirs seamlessly..

The Monster - How to make 7 figures selling life insurance by Rashaun Page

8 figures in the distance